Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the right age to earn a license in Kenya?

18 years and above

Is BCE still recommended as a driving curriculum?

NTSA (National Transport and Safety Authority) introduced a new curriculum, where drivers are allowed to attend one class at a time and for a duration of time. E.g. a student cannot learn class B and at the same time attend class C.

Can a student attend two classes at the same time?

Each student is allowed to attend one class at a time. E.g. a student attending class B cannot attend Class C at the same time.

How much will I have to pay to attain smart driving card?

Each driver is expected to pay 3,000 KES to NTSA. As a Heltz Driving School student we assist our students into ways of how they can apply their smart driving license according to NTSA regulations.

What are driving requirements?

You must be 18 years and above with a national identity card (ID).